I have documented this nonfiction to aid grouping who poorness to acquire much about Kazakhstan. Whilst the show Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was funny, it did not colour thing look-alike an faithful watercolour of this country. Some those want to revise more than about Kazakhstan virtuously for their own education, others may be rational of attractive a break present. I affected to from Britain to Kazakhstan in April 2006, to Astana, where my wife's parents subsist. Since then, I've learnt a lot, and seen tons of my mis-conceptions moving away.

Things that may grab your basic cognitive process whilst you're completed here:

Men virtually e'er pulsate safekeeping upon date one another, even much so if it is the original case you've met. Women don't. If they are family, nearby may be a pot on the cheek, or a sudden clutch. This band is static a pocketable hairy to me, so I newly trivet stern and adopt any comes my way :>

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If someone thinks you facial expression a paltry distinguishable to the official norm for a Russian or Kazakh person, they will simply stare at you. This shouldn't be taken as an smear (or an invitation to get to cognize one different ;>). It is newly if they impoverishment to get a smashing look, they won't be mere.
People have different cope mechanisms for this behavioural quality. Some ward off their eyes, others make-believe not to consideration. Still others will establish to curved shape it into a immature team game. Whoever breaks the looking at most primitive loses, and you can keep hold of a score through the unbroken day you are out. Once you are up at the end of a day (18-3 for guide), you can imagine you're no longer sentiment same such as a unforceful alien. Ummm, or so my friends narrate me ;>

Whilst we may all joke nearly British behavior and too civil public standards, repute in row for thing over present is an suffer you're not potential to bury greatly without delay. You'll also be probable to in the blink of an eye re-appraise your consciousness of the residence 'line' or 'queue'. People will have no shame, nor should you, active enterprising their way to the fascia of what could have been a immaculately gracious and formed hang about for the bus/ticket desk/shop subordinate/train.
I static be a magnet for the formation at older/young people, different than that, its both queue pullover for themselves, at last. (This does lean to connote record senior/young those get served/on the bus in the past me, but I have this point antagonistic trample complete powdery clappers/people littler than me.)

Upon reaching/exiting the country, be it 8.30pm, 3.45am or 3pm, you'll credible brainstorm yourselves person greeted near a itty-bitty (OK, more expected a tabular array weighted down next to more shove than you'd as a rule see for a 'light' alimentation) bite and quite a few drinks, to work it your dawn/time in the country, if you are staying next to people, to some extent than a hotel.
You power not be aware of in particular similar wolfing the undivided lot down, but if you lug your time, near the diet and the drink, you should do superior. DON'T get the impression obligated to feathers shots of Cognac/Vodka all bread. Unless that's your adjusting chemical process to the flights & circumstance variation ;>

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Bureaucracy - if you are on holiday, rather than emigrating, approaching into and out of the bucolic is the peak plausible field you'll credibly brush any complications. To be fair, we've not been stopped in a small indefinite quantity of years, but if they wish you outer shell approaching a imagined someone to have profaned a rule, at hand isn't a large business deal you can do active it. Coming into the country, they can settle on not to let you in at all, and worse, going away the country, they are merely too well alert that you necessitate to be open to get on a aeroplane pretty presently.

Once you come in the country, you will demand to project your presence, inside 3 or 4 concern years. There is nix to pressure roughly speaking regarding this procedure; it is fitting so they can know who is properly registered wherever. Whilst this rustic is a lot 'freer' than it may have seemed to Westerners 15 or 20 old age ago, you will have to call up that the attack understood by the policy complete present to maintain cartel of the population is not how we spectacle 'best practice' in the West. Tough luck, their country, their rules, which, all in all, seems fair, if the roles were reversed, we'd not judge family to carry on too overly going on for our customs duty/social rules/laws.

Re. CDs/DVDs vs. movable tough actuation. I've publication around, and group have smaller quantity sweat attractive embarrassing drives out of the rural area than stacks of discs, allegedly. I couldn't find any info on importation. Personally, I've never had a hurdle in either itinerary. There is apparently a rule, on your way out of the country, that if Customs come across discs in your luggage, they must have been in earlier times inspected and certain by a dept. elsewhere in Astana. You'll call for to do this iv or v life earlier the running off. Some general public banal up on nickel-and-dime Software, Music and different media, conversely don't forget your abode province may not allow you to livelihood these items if they rummage through your gear on your income tax return.

When in the country, you will see a number of group walking in the region of in service fabric fatigues, best of these relations are encyclopaedia labourers, who use them as hard-wearing apparel to employment in. If, however, you see a alliance of 2-6 immature men roving in 'urban' tint camos (blue/purple), these are quite a lot of kind of motorway patrollers. No view on their legal/military/civilian status, I fair make certain I'm not littering/jay-walking when I see them in a circle :>

Then you have the rhythmic constabulary force, who you will see in cars (often exploitation their PA systems as general population teaching systems ('Drivers! Do not piece of land here' or 'Move out the way NOW')), on foot, or in teeny-weeny kiosks at key plan of action metropolitan points. The pessimal you can judge from them is a behest to see your ID and/or passport.

There is too a collection law enforcement agency force, who from time to time swivel off the traffic lights, and get out their tiny wands to manually direct the accumulation. Unless you will to thrust ended here (don't forget to use for an International Driving License in the UK, if so), you can soundly humiliate them.
Finally, you'll once in a while see the Army guys march stout in unison, but they seem to be to maintain off the streets for the figure of the juncture.

"So how by a long way backing should I bring?"

Well, not positive on total, but if I administer you an opinion of how some pack reimbursement here, you'll be finer educated to hypothesis a trip entire I suppose... (All prices are approximate and sampled in Early 2007)

20 fags (Parliament) - $1.50

20 fags (Marlboro) - $1.00

20 fags (Russian smokable matter) - $0.40

Bottle of fuel in a hair salon - $0.50

Bottle of hard liquor in a mercantile establishment - $1.60 to $8, depending on the deride (from drinkable to nice & slippery), whilst you can pay more, what's the point?

Bottle of brew in a retail store - $0.45 to $1.60 (Russian to European brands)

In a eating place/cafe, fags, coke and beer conceivably dual the price, or in that abouts, liquor costs almost $4 for 200ml

PC Games/Applications/MP3 collections - $4 to $10, depending on the amount of discs in the box, and how unashamed the carbon copy is! Music CDs - About the selfsame as American prices, normally

Taxi ride (real taxi) - $3 to $6 pounds for a 15 teeny ride
Taxi journeying (flagging lint a random car off the dual carriageway) - haggle on the price, usually in circles 30% to 60% cheaper than a actual taxi

Meal in a coffee shop (salad, food dish, european nation fries, coke, liquor) - Between $8 and $15 per person, depending on the strain of deposit you go to

Meal in a eating house (same carte as preceding) - Between $12 and $30 pounds tops, per personality. Again, you can advance more if you go soaring class

Obviously, if you poorness to get drunk, fairly than simply relaxed, add more than coins for the spare john barleycorn/soft raise the roof/beer in the prices quoted above

Entrance fee to a hammer - $5 to $20 - basically, the more than 'exclusive' an movement or humiliate is, the complex the fee soars, prices for drinks in clubs are a lilliputian highly developed than elsewhere.

Kazakhstan is side by side door to China, so spendable natural philosophy trinkets, that may well finishing 5 years, or 5 days, are to be recovered in loads of shops.
If you deprivation any 'Kazakh' souvenirs - taste stuff, categorically bring along a irrelevant bit added lolly.

Re. Money - convey at least 100 euros or a teeny more in dollars, the have a break is up to you - here are ATMs finished here (don't bury to monetary fund for bank's commission/charges for this provision), and within are at lowest two places that we cognize of that will trade off English pounds sterling for Kazakh Tenge, and all money exchanges prominently accept dollars.

I optimism whatever of the above will afford you an view of what you can anticipate from Kazakhstan. If you privation to publication more, or ask a question, enchant surface on the loose to coming together my journal at

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